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What is Somatic Breathwork™?

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Somatic Breathwork™ is a full embodiment experience designed to help you release stress, trauma, emotions and stored, unserving energies from the body. It is a modality that utilizes your own breath to help shed the layers of yourself that no longer serve you. Somatic Breathwork™ uses a circular diaphragmatic breath to tap into your body's innate intelligence to find the areas that need clearing. Coupling the breath with immersive music may result in different forms of cathartic emotional releases such as laughing, moving, crying, yelling, and shaking. All forms of expression are encouraged because it allows the body to move any stuck energy and to create space to call in how we want to feel, how we want to show up and to fully step back into our power.

What keeps you from inner peace and stillness are the emotions you do not allow yourself to feel.

Jane Alexander

the process

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Deep cleansing belly breath to create space


Feel into what needs to be felt. Allow yourself to be your fullest expression.


Who do you want to be?
How do you want to feel?

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Feel deeply grounded and connected to yourself. Anker in the wisdom you gained.


Structure of Somatic Breathwork™

We offer 1.5-hour Somatic Breathwork™ Journeys to release and deeply connect and a 1-hour Somatic Breathwork™ Reset to relax, rewire and ground the body. Somatic Breathwork™ Sessions are personalized to your needs, but please see the main structure below.

  • Introduction

  • Somatic Grounding

  • Intention Setting

  • Releasing Breath

  • Repattering Breath

  • Integration


Benefits of Somatic Breathwork™

There are many incredible benefits to Somatic Breathwork™ including:

  • relieve anxiety and stress

  • reduce depression & PTSD symptoms

  • integrate & heal trauma

  • improve sleep quality

  • relax the nervous system

  • increase the feeling of well-being & mental clarity

  • find grounding, inner peace & stillness

  • improve overall energy levels

Ready to come back home to yourself?

Reach out with your questions in the form below or click the button below to book a virtual or in-person session.

I participated in a virtual sound immersion. I live in Germany and I have two little kids so this was a fantastic option! As soon as I listened to recording I could feel the energy building around my body. When Jane started singing in combination with the crystal bowls, it touched my soul deeply and it felt so familiar. I was able to work through and heal a past experience. It felt like a trip to another planet! Amazing experience.

C.K., Munich, Germany

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