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What is somatic coaching?

Any experience that is too much, too fast creates an imprint in our energetic body, a trauma. When an experience is too overwhelming for our nervous system and we aren't able to feel and integrate all aspects of the experience fully, trauma is created because there are still emotions connected to that experience that need to be felt. As long as we aren't able to feel what needs to be felt, energy connected to the experience remains in the body. This creates a constant trigger in our nervous system response, the fight or flight response, and makes it impossible for our body to return to its innate state. This leads to anxiety, physical symptoms, dis-ease and repetitive, toxic relationship cycles. With Somatic Coaching we are able to sit with past pain, hurt, sadness and anger and feel it so we can heal it. When we reconnnect with the past experience, feel it and with that release the stored energy still present in the body, we are able to let go of the past. This is how we stop viewing future experiences through the lens of past hurt. This is how we are able to stay grounded when future triggers are arising and remain centered in our truth.

Trauma leads us to disconnect from our emotions, our body and meaningful relationships and with that from the life we deeply desire. If you feel like the past is holding you back from creating the life you want to be living, if you want to heal and integrate your past to be fully embodied and ankered in your truth and call in a healthy relationship, let's work together to create this reality for you.

Do you keep engaging in toxic relationship cycles? Do you engage in patterns that are not serving you but you are unable to break them? Do you struggle believing that the relationship you desire is available to you?

A traumatic experience that wasn't fully integrated because it was too much, too fast shifts the energy in the body and with that keeps the body in a constant alerted state (fight or flight). When the body is in survival, beliefs and patterns are created that are trying to keep us safe from future hurt. These fear based mechanisms can present themselves in various patterns like substance abuse, anger issues, toxic relationship cycles or beliefs around our worth and relationships in general. Somatic Coaching offers you a safe space to sit with past experiences, see the bigger picture, feel past hurt and release it so you can free yourself from the chains of the past. Every trigger and every repetitive toxic cycle is only a reminder to sit with a deeper truth that wants to be revealed, felt and integrated. Empower yourself to break toxic cycles and rewrite beliefs so you can be at ease and grounded, move toward your goals and attract the relationship you desire.

benefits of somatic coaching include

communication styles
helps regulate
the nervous system

Sound Immersion

60 min | $111


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