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what is soundhealing?

Everything is vibration. If the body is stressed, depleted or sick, our whole system moves out of balance and with that its innate vibrational frequency. Sound healing uses different instruments like gongs, crystal bowls, elemental chimes and vocal toning to create the vibrational frequency needed to move stagnant energy and to bring the body back into harmony. The vibration of crystal bowls and gongs help the body to move into a theta brainwave state, a meditative state of deep relaxation that helps regulate the nervous system and with that balances body, mind and soul.

Sound healing helps restore the innate vibration of the body and can help you find deep rest, relaxation and inner peace. If you need help lower stress levels, want to improve your sleep and find relief from anxiety and depression symptoms, let's get you there!

Do you feel anxious and restless? Do you have problems falling asleep or are you constantly dealing with intrusive thoughts?

These are all signs of a Nervous System Dysregulation. Stress, traumatic experiences, unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits move the body out of its innate frequency and cause us to disconnect from our body. Sound Healing naturally shifts brainwaves and with that moves the body into a receptive state that allows the frequency to go where healing is needed, surfaces blockages and moves the body back into its natural state of ease. Through sound and breath we ground ourselves back into the present moment and back into our body. As we ground our body we are naturally more resistant to stress, calm our mind, and learn to honor again what we need to remain in a balanced state.


why sound healing?

it can help

reduce stress
improve sleep
reduce anxiety
& depression
the mood
balance the
nervous system

session components

Set an intention and cleanse your body through Breathwork. Melt into your mat and leave the stress of day-to-day life behind. You will be guided through a meditation that reconnects you with your body and that calms the mind. Then release, let go and get carried away through powerful Sound Vibrations.

The Sound Immersion with Tibetan bowl, wave drum, gong, crystal bowls, and elemental chimes helps to move the body into a theta brainwave state. This state allows the body to fully surrender, to relax, to find rest and to amplify its innate healing properties.


Sound Immersion

60 min | $111


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