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What does Tan'atara stand for?

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Tan'atara stands for the joy of living. So often, traumatic experiences, life choices or outer circumstances are causing us to remain in a constant state of fight or flight. In this state, we disconnect from ourselves, the people closes to us and close our hearts, because it is too painful to feel it all. Tan'atara creates a safe container to calm the mind and to relax the body so you can allow yourself to unwind, to feel and to heal. Only when we allow ourselves to feel, we are able to come back to our center, to inner peace and are able to create healthy connections with ourselves and others. When we drop back into our hearts, we realize holding on to pain and not feeling it was the only reason that separated us from joy, because joy is our innate state of being.

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our story

Dealing with multiple autoimmune dis-eases and having childhood trauma reflected back to me through my relationship with myself and others, brought me to my knees but also started my healing journey.

Like most of us, I stayed disconnected from myself and looked the other way until I knew I needed a change. I needed to change! I created the inner awareness that if I was the one connected to everything in my life that wasn't in alignment, I was also the one with the key to my healing. And this is the most important message I have for you: You are the key to your own healing! You cannot change anyone but yourself. Maybe this doesn't sit right at first, but over time you will realize that this is the most empowering statement there is. You can change anything at any given time! Because you are the key. Breathe it in. Trust it. Live it.

the healing journey

By starting to place my focus on self-love practices, questioning unserving behaviors and patterns and learning to listen to my body and its innate wisdom, things started shifting. Daily meditation, breathwork, yoga, a healthy diet and focusing on relationships based on honesty, self-awareness, trust and reciprocity moved the needle toward healing and inner stillness for me. I learned only when I became still, I started hearing my inner voice again. This is how I started reconnecting the dots to my past, felt what still needed to be felt and started healing. I started seeing my emotions as guides toward areas within that still needed to be looked at. I learned to breathe through discomfort because I noticed on the other side of ever trigger is peace and stillness to be found. This is how I came back home to myself. This was my path to healing that I will continue to walk. In this process of healing, I discovered my purpose.

I know I came here to help others heal and it would be my greatest honor to be part of your healing journey! For me, there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing someone feeling into their deepest pain and using it as their greatest catalyst for healing and growth.

our offerings

Through my personal healing journey, I discovered that Breathwork and Sound Healing paired with Reiki and Somatic Cueing are incredible modalities to find inner stillness and to work through trauma. These modalities are focused on healing the nervous system, which is essential to release the past. Breathwork and Sound Healing moves us out of the state of fight or flight and grounds us back into our body and the present moment. Only when we are grounded within our bodies, we can feel safe to feel, make peace with the past and are able to let it go. Unresolved emotions and trauma live in our body as energy until we allow them to have space to be felt and integrated. This is how we create inner peace and stop re-creating the past. Our outer reality is always a mirror of our inner world. I offer you a safe space to reconnect with your inner world so you can find balance, healing and live empowered in your own truth.


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