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our private wellness offerings

Somatic Breathwork™

Somatic Breathwork™ is an inward journey. The group will be guided through cues and breath to look at the parts within that aren't balanced, the areas in the body where tension, stress and limiation resides. Through a cleansing and repatterning phase the whole body will be reset and restored through breath, allowing the participants to feel deeply grounded, at ease, energized and centered by the end of the session.

Sound Immersion

Sound Immersions are meditations immersed in sound. The group will be guided through a somatic awareness and grounding practice as well as a centering meditation before unwinding into a World of Sound. Healing Sounds allow the body to naturally move back to balance and to replenish. By the end of the session the participants will feel a deep sense of inner peace, stillness, relaxation and groundedness.

our promise to you

Our private events create a safe and sacred container for you to let go, relax, unwind and to come back home to yourself. Only if we nurture ourselves, we are able to fully pour into the ones we love. Practicing self-care and self-love is a gift to give to yourself that will have a ripple effect in the way you show up for yourself and for others.

Jane Alexander

benefits of meditation and mindfulness


*source and survey linked to images


Structure of Somatic Breathwork™

We offer 1.5-hour Somatic Breathwork™ Journeys to release and deeply connect and a 1-hour Somatic Breathwork™ Reset to relax, rewire and ground the body. Somatic Breathwork™ Sessions are personalized to your group's needs, but please see the main structure below.

  • Introduction

  • Somatic Grounding

  • Intention Setting

  • Releasing Breath

  • Repattering Breath

  • Integration

Structure of a Sound Immersion

We offer 1-hour Sound Immersions with Gong, Crystal Bowls, Wave Drum, Rainstick, Tibetan Bowls and Elemental Chimes. Sound Immersions can be paired with Integration Circles and additional offerings such as Somatic Coaching & Reiki to deepen your journey. Sound Immersions are personalized to your group's needs, but see the main structure below.

  • Somatic Cueing

  • Breathwork

  • Intention Setting

  • Grounding Meditation

  • Sound Immersion

  • Integration

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