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What is Somatic Breathwork™?

Somatic Breathwork™, "soma" meaning "the body", allows space to reconnect with the body. Oftentimes we are going through experiences in our lives where we do not have the capacity or do not allow ourselves to feel the full range of emotion connected to the experience. This is how emotions remain as energy stored within our body. With the breath we allow ourselves to breathe into these spaces, reconnect with emotions still present in the body and allow them to be felt and to be expressed so they can move through us and can be released. This is how we come back home to ourselves, come back to balance and remember who we are.


Anxiety, insomnia & chronic dis-ease are all signs of a dysregulated nervous system and trauma stored in the body. Through Sound & Breath, we can create space for our body and mind to release what is not serving us, so we can heal and come back to balance.

Jane Alexander


What is a Sound Immersion?

The use of gongs, crystal and tibetan bowls is an ancient healing practice that allows the body through sound vibration to move back into its innate vibrational state and with that back to balance and homeostasis. Sound Immersions allow the body to move into a deep meditative, theta brainwave state. In this state, we are able to reconnect to our internal world and enable our body and mind to rest, restore and heal.

I participated in a virtual sound immersion. I live in Germany and I have two little kids so this was a fantastic option! As soon as I listened to recording I could feel the energy building around my body. When Jane started singing in combination with the crystal bowls, it touched my soul deeply and it felt so familiar. I was able to work through and heal a past experience. It felt like a trip to another planet! Amazing experience.

C.K., Munich, Germany

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