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Everything is intraconnected. If we nourish our body, we stay healthy. If we are active, we stay strong. If we allow ourselves space to feel and rest, we find inner peace, clarity and healing. Self-care is not an option, it is a necessity. 

Jane Alexander

the membership


1 Somatic Breath



1 Sound Immersion/month



1 Somatic Breathwork Journey
1 Sound Immersion/month


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about the membership

We offer bi-weekly to monthly membership options to relax, release, to feel and to transform. Every change starts within. When we allow ourselves time to replenish, to find our center and to sit with what is showing up for us, we find inner clarity and shift our awareness so that we can create the reality we desire.


Release & Heal offers one virtual Somatic Breathwork Journey a month to release what is no longer in alignment and to call in what is. This journey allows you to go within, to bring up old wounding, to feel it and to change the story around it so you can heal it. Be in the comfort of your own home and be guided through releasing and repatterning breath in this 90-minute self--care practice.


Manifest & Relax offers one virtual Sound Immersion a month to ground you back into your body and to help you relax and unwind. Be guided through a self-awareness practice to feel into what you want to let go of so you can create space for what you desire. Use your breath to clear out what is not in alignment so you can call in what is. Immerse yourself in the powerful healing frequency of a gong, crystals bowls, tibetan bowls, elemental chimes and more and allow yourself to come back home to yourself in this 1- hour self-care practice.


Heal & Transform offers one virtual Sound Immersion and one virtual Somatic Breathwork Journey a month. Find deep rest and relaxation and ground yourself back into your body through powerful sound vibrations. If we find inner stillness and calm the mind, we have clarity and the inner resilience to remain calm when external stressor arise. Be guided through breathwork to let go of stress, limiting beliefs and trauma and allow yourself to shift your mindset so you can expand and heal. With a 90-minute virtual Somatic Breathwork Journey and a 60-minute Sound Immersion a month you create a monthly foundation to create the inner peace, the growth and the healing you desire in your life.

I participated in a virtual sound immersion. I live in Germany and I have two little kids so this was a fantastic option! As soon as I listened to recording I could feel the energy building around my body. When Jane started singing in combination with the crystal bowls, it touched my soul deeply and it felt so familiar. I was able to work through and heal a past experience. It felt like a trip to another planet! Amazing experience.

C.K., Munich, Germany

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